Does Sprouts Take EBT/SNAP/Food Stamps or WIC? (A Guide)


Does Sprouts Take EBT 

If you love shopping at Sprouts and have an EBT card, you may wonder, “Does Sprouts take EBT?”

EBT and SNAP can be used at Sprouts. They don’t take WIC, Traveler’s Checks, or Money Orders, though.


You can find all kinds of deals on Sprout. At Sprouts, there are many ways to save money.

You can’t use your EBT card at every store, though. If you are part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), you can use your benefits to buy eligible items at stores that take part in the program.

Not all stores take EBT, but a lot of them do.

There are more than a thousand Sprouts stores all over the country. If you shop there often, you might want to know if you can use food stamps to buy things at your local store.

I’ll talk about whether Sprouts takes SNAP benefits and what you can buy with them below.

Does Sprouts Take EBT

I’ll talk about whether Sprouts takes SNAP benefits and what you can buy with them below.

Does Sprouts Take EBT Card?

All of the Sprouts’ stores accept EBT cards, which customers can use to pay for groceries. You can pay for SNAP-eligible items at your local Sprouts with your EBT card.

Make sure that EBT cards can only be used to buy food at Sprouts stores that has been approved by the USDA.

How to Use EBT at Sprouts?

Getting groceries at Sprouts with an EBT card is a pretty easy process. But if you’re buying groceries and other things, make sure to pay for all of the groceries first.

To do this, you have to pay separately for each order. You can ask the cashier to let you pay for your order in two parts.

If you have money on your EBT card, it won’t take money from your SNAP account to pay for food.

Instead, the total amount of the order will be taken out of your Cash account.

After that, you can follow these steps to pay at Sprouts with your EBT card.

Follow the given below steps to your EBT card to pay at Sprouts –

  • When the cashier is done ringing up your groceries, put your card in the POS and enter your PIN.
  • Tell the cashier which accounts to charge your order to (SNAP or Cash).
  • If you need to, enter your PIN again on the keypad of the POS to confirm the charge.

In some situations, the supervisor or manager may ask to see a picture ID to make sure the card is in your name.

Does Sprouts Take EBT Card

After you check out, the amount you spent will be taken from your SNAP account.

Always keep your receipt to make sure all the information is correct and to avoid getting overcharged.

On your receipt, you will also see your most recent account balance.

What Items Are Eligible with EBT at Sprouts?

Sprouts’ EBT cards are commonly used to purchase the following items:

  • Infant formula & infant foods
  • Bread and bakery products
  • Cereals of all kinds
  • Coffee
  • A wide range of dairy products including milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  • Energy drinks with nutritional information.
  • Ready-to-eat frozen meals. Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Fish and other Seafood
  • Poultry items, for example, chicken, port, etc.
  • proteins bars, as long as they carry a nutritional label.

What Items Are Ineligible with EBT at Sprouts?

Here’s a list of some items ineligible with EBT at Sprouts store.

  • Medications and vitamins
  • Plants and flowers
  • Herbs and supplements
  • Prepared hot foods, including rotisserie chicken from Sprouts
  • Food for pets
  • Supplies for the home
  • Make-up products
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • Body care products
  • Alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and others

What forms of payment does Sprouts accept?

Your first order from Sprouts must be paid for by check, ACH, or wire. After that, you can pay for a large number of gift cards at Sprouts by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), check, ACH, or wire. Before a gift card order is sent out, payment must be made.

Does sprouts take Apple pay?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at Sprouts Farmers Market. Sprouts said in a tweet on their official account that they would start accepting Apple Pay in 2021. Customers can now use Apple Pay on their iPhones to make quick purchases.

Final Words

Have you ever bought something at Sprouts with your EBT card? Was it easy to do, and did they protect your privacy?

If you have any questions or ideas about this post, please let us know in the comment box below.

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What forms of payment does Sprouts accept?

  • Cash.
  • Debit and credit cards (Sprouts also accepts mobile payments from the above through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay)
  • EBT cards.
  • Sprouts gift cards.

How do I pay with EBT on Sprouts app?

To use the EBT online service, Sprouts SNAP customers create an Instacart profile and enter their EBT card information as a form of payment, along with a secondary payment form to cover nonfood items such as taxes, tips, and fees.

Does Sprouts take EBT in CA?

EBT Cards are accepted as a form of payment at Sprouts stores, including Sprouts store locations in California. There are currently 131 Sprouts Farmers Market locations in California.

Can I buy protein powder with EBT?

Only protein powders sold as food can be purchased with food stamps. Protein powders sold as supplements are not EBT eligible.

Does Sprouts take credit cards?

Sprouts requires your first order to be paid by check, ACH or wire. Thereafter, Sprouts accepts payments via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), check, ACH and wire for bulk gift card purchases.

Does Sprouts take food stamps in California?

If you are looking for a grocery store that accepts food assistance, then Sprouts may be your best bet. It accepts food stamps, SNAP and EBT. The store also supports a wide variety of community charities.

What is Sprouts return policy?

Our Return Policy
If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase at Sprouts, we’ll be happy to exchange it, or refund your money with a proper receipt. The type of credit given is determined by the method of payment used. Cash/Debit/Electronic Checks: A refund will be made in cash.
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