How To Check Universal Gift Card Balance? Step by Step Guide

Universal Gift Card Balance Check Guide

Universal Gift Card offers its customers the flexibility of spending on more than one platform, including online, in-store, over the phone, & mail purchases. But, for easy transactions, you must be familiar with your card balance, as most merchants cannot check the balance.

If the bought product costs more significantly than your Universal Gift Card balance, your transaction will be declined.

So, keeping an eye on the Universal Card balance is important. And Universal Gift Card balance online is the fastest and easiest way for the amount left in your card account.

Go through the guide below to find out various ways to Universal Visa Prepaid Gift Card balance check and how to log in to Universal Visa Prepaid Gift Card account with simple steps.

Universal Gift Card Benefits

Whatever you’re celebrating – a birthday, housewarming, wedding, new baby, anniversary, or just to say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking of you!’ – Universal has got just the right Universal! Universal eGift cards are the perfect environmentally friendly gift for any occasion.

Universal Gift Card Balance Check

Universal Gift Card offers numerous benefits to customers, and here are some of the benefits mentioned below –

  • No fees!
  • No more plastic gift cards for landfill
  • A universal gift voucher doesn’t terminate.
  • Delivered instantly or at your scheduled time by SMS or email
  • Universal gift vouchers can be used anywhere the Visa is accepted.
  • It’s a prepaid card.
  • Keep your cards at your fingertips with the digital wallet

How to Check Universal Gift Card Balance Online

Universal Gift Card balance check online is an easy-to-use method to know the remaining amount of your card.

You need the card number, expiry date, and an internet connection on your computer or smartphone. Then, go online and follow the simple steps given below –

  • Visit the official Universal Gift Card website –
  • It will directly link you to the “Check Balance” page. Click on it.

Universal Gift Card Balance Check Online

  • On this page, enter your card proxy number, 4-digit authentication code on your letter (not your PIN number) and 3 digit CVV.
  • Make sure to enter the details correctly as on your card.
  • Once you have entered all details, click on the “Submit” button to view the available balance on your Universal Visa Prepaid Gift Card Account.

Besides an online balance check, you can also know your balance by calling the number printed on the back of your Universal Gift Card and providing the required details.

How to Check Universal Gift Card Balance by Phone

To know your balance by phone, take the card and call the printed on the back of your Universal Gift Card. Once you get connected to the customer support team, ask them for a balance check. You need to provide some information to know the amount left in your card account.

Keeping your card safe

  • Never share your card number. You must not disclose your card number to any website or person except for the purpose of making a purchase.  You are liable for any loss or unauthorised transactions on your card where you have disclosed your card number other than for the purpose of making a purchase.
  • Log out when leaving this site.
  • Don’t provide your card number, CVV or expiration date to a website that might look like ours.
  • Look for https:// at the start of the URL. This means your form is encrypted.
  • Don’t share your card number where others can hear it (for example over the phone).
  • Don’t post photos of your card anywhere, even if it is partially obscured.
  • Don’t share your number with unverified representatives, for example, if you receive an unsolicited email or phone call from what you believe is a reputable institution. If you didn’t initiate the phone call or email, don’t give out your details.
  • Don’t make transactions on open networks. Where there is no password required to access a WiFi network. Unencrypted data can be visible to any computer nearby.
  • Always keep your card information safe.

Universal Gift Card Balance Check FAQ

Do universal gift cards expire?

No Expiry. Can be used at any time.

What is the CVV on Universal gift card?

Within the Universal Gift Card App, simply select the prepaid card you are wishing to pay with and swipe the image, and the 3-digit CVV will be revealed.

What can I buy with a universal gift card?

Visit to buy the gift card you want. Choose from dozens of fun designs to make them smile.

Give the gift of adventure with a Universal Orlando Gift Card. Redeemable for food, merchandise and so much more, it’s the perfect way to shop and dine throughout Universal Orlando Resort. 


That was all about simple steps to Universal Gift Card balance check and how to log in Universal Gift Card account.

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