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What is Pear Deck

Peardeck Join can be described as software that allows students and instructors to connect to online classes as well as attend the lectures which are being held.

It is the instructor’s responsibility to prepare a presentation following having signed in and to provide an invitation link to specific students in the area of study.

This is a popular tool extensively used throughout the USA. 

It is possible to place this tool within the Student Help Portal category. It’s operated through its official website:

It is a lively and helpful tool for students at the beginning of their personal and social learning.

 Peardeck assists students to develop an optimistic attitude toward learning and is helping to build a sense of belonging to the community and the importance of being part of a community.

If you’ve never been to any class on Peardeck and don’t know the best way to use it do not fret We will walk you through all the steps.

Create an Account on Pear deck via

It is possible to begin by creating Google slides and online slides. To create them, then log into your Google account. Microsoft 365 account.

Let’s look at the step-by-step process of how to open the Peardeck account.

  • Go to the official site and hit the sign-up button to become an educator.

  • You will then be asked to enter the settings for your account.
  • Click on Authorize.
  • Choose the storage you want to use which you wish to access, it can comprise it’s Google drive or a single drive. You are able to do this by logging into your Gmail account, by entering the user name and password.
  • It’ll require some kind of authorization, so allow it when it is required.
  • Enter the school code/ Postcode of your school or search for the address of your institution by typing the first few letters. If you do not see the school’s name Do not fret just enter the 5 numbers and then click the next.
  • You are now able to start the latest version of the Peardeck add-on simply by clicking the buttons ahead.

How To Join the Peardeck Presentation at

  • The teacher needs to create the presentation and upload it on and give access codes to students so that they will be able to access the presentation.
  • The teacher may limit what activities are performed by students on the online class.
  • The most remarkable thing is that the teacher is able to limit modifications or any other modifications to the answers given by the student, in order that teachers can keep track of the development that the pupil is making.

How to Get Peardeck Join Code

The password is required to log into follow the steps below carefully.

  • In your browser, search for or visit
  • Enter the presentation number for joining with a 5-digit code
  • The coupon will expire on a day of 4 days. be aware of that.
  • You can also sign-up using your email ID.

How to Sign Up for Peardeck Class Login?

We must now know how to link teacher and student through the pear deck.

  • Visit the official website by this link:
  • There will be a login page. Add your username and password.
  • Click the submit button, you will now be able to see the login screen as well as the dashboard for your account.

Participate in Your Peardeck Participate in Class

Follow the steps below in case you’ve chosen to take the instructor-led course.

  • Go to
  • Enter 5 digits into the code
  • using the link that allows you to connect with your student during the class for longer than one week.
  • Join the group and continue according to the instructions.

Login to Joinpd Com

Now you are able to login to Joinpd Com Login from here. login page for Joinpd Com by clicking here. After you’ve arrived at your login screen, you’ll be required to enter your proper user name as well as password.

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Are you interested in joining a Pear Deck session Pear Deck

Don’t worry, simply click below to start! Register for an Peardeck workshop! DELIVER POWERFUL Learning MOMENTS TO EVERY STUDENT


We’re happy to see you back Register for Join. Enter your information. Email. Your password. SHOW. Lost your password Do you want to log in. Have you not yet registered as an employee? Sign-up.

Login to Joinpd Com – Logins – DB

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Q.How can I join joinpd com join?

You can join Joinpd in three ways; through 5 digit code, link, or email id.

Q.What if I do not have to code.

You may enter any 5-digit code for instance and see the dashboard.