Nissan Customer Survey – Nissan Feedback Australia


Nissan Survey – Nissan Feedback Australia

The Nissan  Feedback Survey hosted by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. consists of a few questions which will hardly take 5 minutes of daily schedule but it will greatly help the company to learn more about their customers.

If you will take Nissan Customer’s point of view to realize what enhances the Nissan Rating in the market. Nissan Survey is the cheapest means to gain knowledge about their customers.

nissan survey
Nissan survey

Nissan meets its priority by taking Nissan Customer Survey to reach the level of their expectations and enhance the Nissan Guest Experience Survey for them in the future.

So, participate in the Nissan Survey through the survey portal to share your point of view about the company and grab the chance to win a grand prize.

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Nissan Feedback Survey

Grab the chance to earn the Nissan Debit Card in a few easy and simple steps. Participate in the Nissan Customer Satisfaction Survey to win exciting Prizes.

🤑 1st prize Debit gift card $ 2,000🤑

🤑 2nd prize Debit gift card $ 500 🤑

Note: The total prize pool is valued at up to $10,000 (Including GST).

Terms & Conditions | Nissan Survey

Here are a few basic rules & requirements that will help you while you are going to take the Nissan Online Survey to get an entry in the Nissan Sweepstakes Procedure with a view to earning Nissan Rewards.

nissan survey
Nissan survey

✍Age Requirement is 18 years Above.

✍Need a device such as Laptop, Desktop or Smartphone interconnected with the Internet.

✍Legal Residents of Australia.

✍Understanding of the English Languages.

✍This prize is non-transferable or redeemed in cash.

✍One prize per person is limited.

✍Afflicted Persons or Staff Members of the Nissan are unable to take the Nissan Customer Survey.

How To Take To Nissan Feedback Survey At


If you are interested in taking the Nissan Customer Feedback Survey then follow the basic procedure that you need to follow one by one while you are going to take the Nissan Survey.

✍Go through the Nissan Survey portal at

nissan survey
Nissan survey

✍Keep your Nissan Receipt or letter handy to provide details regarding your ID. Enter the ID.

✍Now Click on ‘log in’ to continue the survey procedure.

✍Here you will be redirected to the survey questionnaires page. Give answers based on your last visit experience at Nissan.

✍Now click on the next to give your personal details to get Nissan Debit Card.

✍Rate the Nissan Customer Care Service.

✍Click on Submit Survey to end the survey that will take you to the Nissan Sweepstakes Procedure.

✍At the end of the Nissan Customer Survey, you are able to win a $2000 or $ 500 Debit Card.

Don’t forget to carry your Nissan Purchase Receipt or apoointment letter while you are going to take the Nissan Online Survey.


Contact | Nissan

nissan survey
Nissan survey

Nissan HQ Address: 260-270 Frankston-Dandenong Rd Dandenong South, Dandenong South VIC 3175.

Nissan HQ Phone No.: (03) 9797 4111

Nissan Customer Support No.: 1800 035 035

Recommendation Links

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Nissan Survey Rules: Click Here


I hope that the information that I have mentioned here in this blog to take part in the Nissan Survey will help to easily get Nissan Debit Card.

But if you have any issues regarding Nissan Customer Feedback Survey then you can tell me by commenting below in the comment box. Check out my other articles on


Does Nissan have a good reputation?

Does Nissan have a good reputation? Consumer surveys and anecdotal evidence show that Nissan cars are top-rated, last their owners for many years, and are generally inexpensive to maintain. Nissan drivers enjoy good gas mileage, a smooth ride, superior interior features, modern design, and good performance.

Do Nissan vehicles hold their value?

A Nissan will typically sell for around 92% of its value after the first year of ownership, 75% after the third, and 50% after the sixth. That means a car worth $60,000 will sell for closer to $30,000 or less after you’ve had it for six years.

How do I complain to Nissan USA?

Customer inquiries are best handled by calling 800-647-7261. Nissan North America Inc.

What are the disadvantages of Nissan cars?

Nissan vehicles are often thought of as being a reliable first choice for new drivers but as with any vehicle manufacturer, Nissan’s vehicles have their fair share of reported concerns, from rusting bodywork and oil leaks to faulty hood latches and issues with their CVT gearbox system.

What model of Nissan is most reliable?

According to Consumer Reports, two of the most reliable Nissan vehicles were the 2024 Nissan Rogue and Nissan Altima. Consumer Reports dedicates itself to product testing, investigative journalism, and consumer research as a nonprofit organization. For its 2024 survey,

Is Nissan as good as Honda and Toyota?

Although Nissan vehicles generally rank lower than comparable models from Toyota and Honda, their ability to build a winning pickup truck speaks to their engineering team’s prowess. For more details, compare Toyota vs.

What is the most reliable car brand?

Lexus and Toyota took the top spots for brand reliability this year, followed by Mini, Acura, Honda, and Subaru. And while people are buying more EVs, CR’s members experienced 79% more problems with them compared to gas-powered cars. EV trouble spots include those with charging, electric motors, and batteries.

What’s so special about Nissan?

Nissan vehicles are great for families. They’re extremely safe, have lots of cargo space, and can easily fit car seats in the back seat. 3) Nissan’s rustproofing is second-to-none.

Who are the target customers of Nissan?

So instead of targeting consumers by age or demographic, Nissan breaks its key audiences into three buckets: In-market consumers (those who might buy a car within the next three months); near-market consumers (those who have signaled a change in lifestyle such as expecting a child or looking for bigger apartments

What information was leaked from Nissan?

The car company said it was notified on June 21 that names, dates of birth, and account numbers for Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation – an indirect lender that helps people finance or lease Nissan vehicles – were exposed after it provided the customer information to an unnamed third party “for software testing.”
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