Miss Me jean Size Chart Update 2022 – Miss Me Jean Size Chart


Miss Me Jean Size Chart

If you are looking for a Madewell Jeans Size Chart then Check here I have listed it below. You can see the Madewell Jeans Company Size Chart updated in 2022. I have listed The Madewell jeans Company Size Chart for Women As well.

Miss Me Jeans is quite particular about sizing: they fit true to size. Miss me Jeans even adds patches to the jeans to prevent further enlargement of the holes and to maintain a more consistent fit over time.

The table below for Miss Me jeans sizes contains all the information you need to determine your ideal size.

Miss Me debuted its first line in the spring of 2001, with the sole aim of dressing the contemporary female, who was no longer easily categorized but rather was multifaceted in both character and aesthetic.

The company has made investments in customer-focused social media marketing.

The size may vary depending on the style of jeans you’re shopping for…

Women’s Miss Me Jeans Size

Miss Me Jeans Size Regular Jeans Size
24 00
25 0
26 1/2
27 3/4
28 5/6
29 7/8
30 9/10
31 11/12
32 13/14
33 15/16
34 17/18

Girls Miss Me Jeans Size

Girl’s Denim Size Girl’s Dress Size
7 X-Small
8 Small
10 Medium
12 Large
14 X-Large


Waist (size) Juniors EU UK
22 00
23 00
24 00
25 0
26 1/2 32 4
27 3/4 34 6
28 5/6 36 8
29 7/8 38 10
30 9/10 40 12
31 11/12 42 14
32 13/14 44 16
33 15/16 46 18
34 17/18 48 20
36 19/20 50 22

Miss Me Jeans Fitting

Slim Curvy
slim through hip and thigh eased through hip and thigh

Miss Me Jeans Inseam sizing

Ankle 24″-26″
Ankle 27″-28″
Ankle Tall 29″-30″
Ankle Extra Tall 31″-32″


Is this Miss me jeans guide accurate?

Yes, Miss Me Jean’s sizing is accurate when it comes to the jeans and the other products from the store.

Can I buy the Miss Me jeans without my exact requirements?

Yes, you can buy the Miss me jeans without your exact measurements. But you will have to have a complete understanding of your general jeans size. By using the general size, you can also find your specific Miss Me size.

What would happen if I do not know my exact Miss Me Jeans size?

You can use your measurements or the general size guide to find your Miss Me Jeans size. This size is important because their website lists the size based on their specific Jeans Size Charts. So, to make your purchase easier, you can deduce the brand-specific size and then buy your product.

Where can I buy the Miss Me Jeans?

You can buy the Miss Me Jeans on Amazon and Top and Bottoms USA.

How can I use the international conversion size chart to buy the right jeans?

Depending upon the country from which you are buying, you can match your US or general size in the charts with the country that you want to buy in. It will give you the specific product size or number that you must purchase.