Dunkin’ Donuts Menu Prices 2022


Dunkin’ Donuts Menu Prices

Dunkin’ Donuts also known as Dunkin’ is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company. It is also one of the largest coffee shop and donut shop chains in the world with approximately 12,900 locations in 42 countries.

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu has a large variety of items like donuts, bagels, coffee, Munchkins, cookies, wraps, sandwiches, muffins, rolls, tea, and other beverages, almond milk, etc.

Here in this article, I break down all the details about the Dunkin’ Donuts Menu with Price in depth. So just check out here and figure out all your favorite delicious options very well.

Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Beverages

Frozen Coffee$3.22
Frozen Hot Chocolate$3.22

Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Beverages

Freshly Brewed Coffee$2.05
Box O’ Hot Chocolate$18.79
Hot Chocolate$2.30

Dunkin’ Donuts Popular Items

Dozen Donuts$10.01
Egg & Cheese$3.00
Bacon, Egg & Cheese$3.69
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese$3.98
Sausage, Egg, & Cheese$3.83
Turkey Sausage, Egg, & Cheese$3.68
50 Munchkins®$11.59
Ham, Egg, & Cheese$3.78
Dozen Bagels$9.36
Veggie Egg White$3.82
Box O' Joe$17.75

Dunkin’ Donuts Freshly Made Sandwiches

Double Sausage, Egg, & Cheese$4.79
Wake-Up Wrap$1.69
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Wake up Wrap®$1.80
Ham, Egg, & Cheese Wake up Wrap®$1.79
Turkey Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Wake up Wrap®$1.80
Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Wake up Wrap®$1.99
Egg & Cheese Wake up Wrap®$1.39
Toasted Hash Browns$1.11

Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Drinks

Iced Black Tea$1.69
Energy Cold Brew$2.50

Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Drinks

Hot Coffee$2.23
Vanilla Chai$2.22
Box O'Joe®$15.99
Box O' Joe® Hot Chocolate$20.22
Box O'Joe® Hot Chocolate$15.99
Hot Tea$1.95

Dunkin’ Donuts Donuts & Bakery

1/2 Dozen Donuts$6.21
25 Munchkins®$6.68
1/2 Dozen Bagels$6.37
Coffee Roll$1.63
Apple Fritter$1.62

Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Drinks

Frozen Chocolate$3.33
Frozen Lemonade$3.19

Dunkin’ Donuts Espresso Drinks

Iced Signature Latte$2.90
Signature Latte$2.79
Iced Cappuccino$3.38
Iced Americano$2.95
Shot of Espresso$1.28

Dunkin’ Donuts Bakery & Snacks

Buttermilk Biscuit$0.99
English Muffin$1.21
4 Muffins$6.61

Dunkin’ Donuts Brew at Home

Packaged Coffee$9.08

Dunkin’ Donuts Donuts & Bagels

Single Donut$1.02
Half Dozen Donuts$5.45
Munchkins® Donut Hole Treats$1.34
Half Dozen Bagels$7.86
Bagel with Cream Cheese$2.53

Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Beverages

Iced Coffee$2.50
Cold Brew$2.80
Iced Latte$3.19
Iced Macchiato$3.46
Iced Tea$1.81
Simply Orange Juice$2.20

Dunkin’ Donuts Sandwiches & Wraps

Beyond Sausage® Sandwich$4.16
Wake-Up Wrap® Beyond Sausage®$2.05
Sausage Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich$1.49
Sausage Egg and Cheese$3.77
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich$3.49
Bacon Egg and Cheese$3.80
Chicken Biscuit Sandwich$3.49
Hash Browns$1.01
Ham Egg and Cheese$3.79
Veggie Egg White Omelet$3.81
Turkey Sausage Egg and Cheese$3.82
Big N' Toasted®$4.29
Egg and Cheese Sandwich$2.99
Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.49
Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.49
Power Breakfast Sandwich$3.88
Wake-Up Wrap® Ham Egg and Cheese$1.95
Turkey Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.49
Wake-Up Wrap® Sausage Egg and Cheese$1.95
Double Sausage Breakfast Sandwich$3.60
Ham Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.49
Wake-Up Wrap® Bacon Egg and Cheese$1.96
Wake-Up Wrap® Turkey Sausage Egg and Cheese$1.96
Wake-Up Wrap® Veggie Egg White and Cheese$1.82
Wake-Up Wrap® Egg and Cheese$1.54
Wake up Wrap® - Sausage Egg and Cheese$1.49
Double Sausage$4.29
Wake up Wrap® - Bacon Egg and Cheese$1.49
Wake up Wrap® - Turkey Sausage Egg and Cheese$1.49
Wake- Up Wrap® - Ham Egg and Cheese$1.49
Chicken Bacon Sandwich$3.50
Wake-Up Wrap® - Veggie Egg White$1.49
Wake-Up Wrap® - Egg and Cheese$1.49

Dunkin’ Donuts Brew-at-Home

K-Cup Pods®$7.96

Dunkin’ Donuts Bottled Drinks

Bottled Drinks$1.90
Diet Coke$2.09
vitaminwater XXX$2.09
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast$2.19
Apple Juice$2.29
Bottled Water$1.99